We can’t pick our family, but we can pick our therapists

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I’ve been in therapy for a little over a year now. Seeking out a therapist was always in the back of mind, but I never felt inclined to go out of my way and find one. Part of the reason why was I didn’t have adequate health insurance, so it always felt cumbersome.

But last year I was going through a difficult time. I could feel myself becoming depressed; I was finding little joy in everything, I was losing weight, I was crying every day, I just didn’t feel…

For some this may not be a great feat, but I am not a very athletic person.

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A little backstory on my level of fitness: When I was in college, I only used the campus gym twice in my entire time there. I got my first gym membership after I graduated because I was trying to get fit for a spring break trip to Mexico. After I came back from my trip, I cancelled the membership.

I didn’t start regularly working out until the fall of 2019.

As the months carried on, I started getting into a routine. After work I would head to the gym to meet my friend and we would either work on legs…

This is what it’s like to call or volunteer at a crisis hotline center.

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I didn’t know what to expect when I first got started on the lines.

I knew I wanted to work in the mental health field and that I would someday apply to graduate school, so I began volunteering at a crisis hotline to get clinical experience.

I was initially intimidated about what it would be like to work on a crisis hotline. I wasn’t sure what kind of calls I would get, who would be the people I would talk to, and overall how a crisis line even functioned.

Over time as I became more comfortable taking calls, I got…

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I was in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend, and after nearly 5 years together they came out to me. I will refer to them as “she” and “them” from now on because I believe those are the pronouns they would use.

I still distinctly remember the day she came out to me. I remember what I was doing, I remember feeling nervous to talk to them. She had been acting differently so when she texted if I could go over, I knew that she was either going to break up with me or tell me that she wants to…

In the beginning of the year I gave myself the challenge of reading a book every month. I managed to do that, largely due to the pandemic and having nothing to do. I read a little over 12 books. Here are my thoughts on each of them, in order of when I read them:

  1. Honey by Brenda Brooks

Madeleine D.V

Writing and reading are two of my favorite things.

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